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Dublin Locksmiths provides clients all over Dublin with high-quality burglary proof safes. In contrast to the cheap, easily opened mass-produced store-bought safes, our safes have been specially designed by some of the world’s most prestigious safe manufactures.
When combined with our professional safe installation, we create a near impenetrable safe place for cash and valuables.
Our large collection of safes, mean we will have the right size and shape for your home or business premises.
Our safes can be bolted to a floor, attached to a wall or installed in a hard to reach or hidden area of a building. We also provide a range of free standing safes.

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Safe Repair and Safe Replacement

If your home or business safe has been damaged or has begun to show the signs of age or wear, our team of professional safe repairmen can quickly and effectively repair the safe’s locking mechanism, the door or the overall body of the safe.
We ensure that the integrity of the safe’s build is retained.
In cases where a safe is too damaged to be salvaged or has proven to be ineffective, we provide safe replacements. Our Dublin based safe replacement team can deliver a new safe directly to a home or business premises.
We also conduct complete safe installations,
We proved floor bolted safes, wall bolted safes, wall-mounted safes and free standing safes.